SEA | Drones or Bombs?Are We Ready for a Robot War?
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Drones or Bombs?Are We Ready for a Robot War?

Drones or Bombs?Are We Ready for a Robot War?

The Euro-Atlantic Association is pleased to invite members and guests on February 12 (Wednesday) 14:00 – 16:00 to SEA headquarters in Lubomirski Palace (Żelazna Brama 10, Warsaw) for a debate from the “Five Elements” series

Drones or Bombs? Are We Ready for a Robot War?
The following guest speakers will present their views:
– General, Dr Mieczyslaw Bieniek, former Deputy Commander, NATO Strategic Command
– Major General, pilot, Dr Leszek Cwojdziński, Chief of the Department of Innovation Defence Technology Implementation, Ministry of National Defence
– Jacob Ryzenko, Director of the Crisis Information Centre, Space Research Centre
– Dr Blaise Sajduk, Vice-Rector, Tischner European University in Krakow
– Adam Bartosiewicz, Vice-President, WB Electronics
Slawomir Kisieliński, CEO of Mikromakro Institute Foundation will moderate the panel along with Prof Kazimierz Krzysztofek, Sociologist, University of Social Sciences and Humanities.The discussion will be attended by politicians, ministers, generals and SEA members.
Unmanned Flying Systems and terrestrial robots are rapidly changing the face of emergency response and military operations. Ethical and legal matters should be treated on par with technical aspects. We intend to answer many important questions, including:
– As robotics progress, what are the consequences for the modern battlefield?
– Should we be afraid of machines? Positive and negative effects of robot actions in anti-crisis situations.
– Which laws need to be changed in order for robot use in military and counter-terrorism activities not to be associated with diplomatic and ethical problems?
– What can robots really do in war?
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