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Position of the Board of the Euro-Atlantic Association

Position of the Board of the Euro-Atlantic Association

Proposed actions that should be considered in response to the armed seizure of Crimea by Russia

Military actions
1. Permanently restation some AWACS early warning aircraft from near the German-Dutch border to Poland. Keeping these aircraft at their current location is completely pointless, as it is about 1000 km from NATO’s eastern border, a region which they ought to be patrolling. This should also apply to other means of reconnaissance, such as the unmanned Global Hawk as well as the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, which are a part of the AGS system of monitoring the earth’s surface from the air. Spare parts and aircraft weaponry should also be moved to warehouses in Poland, as a kind of support of the Alliance in Poland.
2. Establish in Poland (and perhaps also in the Baltic States) permanent storage facilities where weapons and equipment could be stored for several armoured or mechanized brigades, potentially constituting the first element of Alliance strength in the event of danger. Military personnel could be then moved quickly into the areas of expected attacks, making response much easier and faster. This potential solution in Poland and the Baltics would be similar to the one being used in Norway.
3. Assure Ukraine that in the event of aggression, the country would be able to count on far-reaching support, such as information from satellites and other sources, modelled on the support received by Israel in the War of 1967, as well as support in terms of equipment and weapons – compatible with Ukrainian weapons, or that the Ukrainian military would be familiar with (e.g. from the Warsaw Pact era). A kind of new version of the Lend-Lease program from World War II.
Political actions
1. Convey to Russia that in the event of, even well-disguised, aggression (similar to the one seen in Crimea) on Ukrainian territory, NATO will not remain indifferent, reserving the right to take any steps that it deems appropriate.
2. The European Union could make a similar declaration.
3. Eliminate all visa fees for Ukrainian citizens.
Actions to be taken by Ukraine
1. Adopt the following: the inhabitants of Crimea will only be granted visas to NATO and EU countries if they possess a valid Ukrainian passport, and only appropriate consular offices in Kiev will issue them. Nationals of other countries living in Crimea will be able to apply for visas only if they present the Ukrainian authorities with a certificate of lawful residence in the area.
2. Cease all supplies intended for Russian troops in Transnistria, and improve border control in the area.
3. Support Ukraine in its legal claims against the government of the Russian Federation, resulting from the plunder of Ukrainian property in Crimea (ships, military equipment and movable and immovable property), as well as in its procedures to secure claims on Russian government assets located within NATO or EU territory.
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